Darren Copeland

Sound Artist

The Absent Listener

The Absent Listener is an “open microphone” recording and streaming system located at Warbler’s Roost, which is a country BnB located on a rural property 22 KM of the village of South River, Ontario, Canada. The content recorded through the open microphone will eventually become the basis for creating soundscape compositions that explore ‘long form’ temporal structures.

Currently, the “open microphone” is hosted on the locusonus world-wide network of open microphones. You can listen here:

This web page will update periodically with progress reports, pictures and recordings as the project evolves.

The Absent Listener is supported with funding from the Canada Council for the Arts.

January-February, 2019

A pair of DPA 4060 lav mics mounted on a board, connected to laptop and audio interface powered by AC from nearby garage.

Pair of DPA mics mounted on two sides of board.