Darren Copeland

Sound Artist

Let Me Out

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Going about everyday business is sometimes harder then we like to acknowledge. This is a piece for the subconscious. For the delusions that drift through our thoughts as we move from one place to the next… from a hallway to a subway platform, to the subway turnstiles to the street outside. This is a piece for all those crazy urges that we get when we feel smothered by a small space or overwhelmed by a large space. Sometimes we want to scream “Let me Out… Now!! ” This piece should not give anyone nightmares of these rather ordinary spaces and places that invite delusion. It is a celebration of the artist, the madman, or the dreamer, within us all.

Special thanks to Charlie Fox for the recording of the empty corridors of the University of Regina during the Immersive Soundscape Residency in 2004 and for Barry Prophet recording with me similar spaces at the University of Toronto in February 2006. Also a special mention is in order to Sebastian Schafer whose wonderful vocal recordings made for the companion piece to this work “Ich will kein inmich mehr sein” and for use in this piece as source material and to Birger Sellin’s great insight into the autistic mind, an influential book to this work and to other works I have made in the past. Finally, a gracious thanks to Elisabeth Zimmerman and everyone at the fabulous Kunstradio program in Vienna, Austria for making this piece possible as well as the Canada Council for the Arts, media section.


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