Darren Copeland

Sound Artist

Under Falls And Creak – Fish Chorus at St. Anne’s Church

The origins of this piece lie with a little fish chirping a foot away from me in Balls Falls (near St. Catharines, ON) just as the falls were drying up in late May 2012. The recording that I made of that fish was processed and manipulated into a chorus of fish which three weeks later were spatialized using 2 Audio Spotlight directional speakers under one of the domes at St. Anne’s Church in Toronto. The recording and initial composition was produced for the Niagara Here mobile phone installation “Under Falls and Creak”.

Ian Jarvis and Edgardo Moreno – Audio Spotlight Performance
Hector Centeno – Ambisonic Recording of Spotlight spatialization

Thanks to Harry Freedman Recording Fund, Canadian Music Centre


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