Darren Copeland

Sound Artist

The Absent Listener – Listening Page

Thank you for contributing to the automated soundscape generator, as part of The Absent Listener.

Your composition is being processed. When it is complete it will appear in the list of files below, which also includes versions created by other listeners. You are welcome to enjoy any of those in the meantime.

Please listen using either headphones or full-range loudspeakers. The content has a wide dynamic and frequency range and may not come across very well on built-in device speakers.

To aid in your listening it is helpful to understand the structure of the filenames. Following the name given by the listener the remainder of the filename shows the chosen parameters from the setup page. For example, “Darren_501_503_1_0_0_1_5_6.mp3” is a piece that was named “Darren” and the listener chose a date range of May 1 to 3 comprised of evening and night recordings for a total duration of 5 minutes and a rate of change of 6. Visit the help page for explanation of how these variables influence the resulting compositions.

Thank you to Sonia Paço-Rocchia for programming assistance, RE:FLUX Festival 2021 for presenting this iteration of The Absent Listener and to The Canada Council for the Arts for their financial support.

Visit the soundcloud links below to listen to “through-composed” pieces in The Absent Listener series which use same recordings as the ones for the automated online version.