Darren Copeland

Sound Artist

Always Becoming Somebody Else

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In this piece there are landscapes filled with sound imagery, but the landscapes are incomplete in their appearance and as a result are shrouded in dream-like ambiguity. In some instances, this results from figure & ground arrangements that belong more to the category of collage than to a representation of conventional experience. In other cases, this happens because settings are stripped of their distinguishing features in order to arrive at specific colour fields.

Despite their fragmentation, the images spark pictures in the listening mind, as they construct a new ground of experience from which everyday logic vanishes temporarily. These new landscapes connect experiences and places that could never be joined in the physical world. The terrain thus freshly encountered, requires the listener to do some careful excavating and to study the loose fragments still partially decipherable. The capacity to articulate and understand the language of abstract and irrational images should enable him or her to cultivate sensitivity to the imaginative realm of conventional acoustic experience.

Date: 1991-92. Length: 9:07
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